Magnetic Frameless Whiteboard Wall

Whiteboard Walls

This is without a doubt a growing area with the technology now at a point where the “Join” between Our Boards is as little a 1mm! There are two installation options available for these walls, and they can be tailored to any budget.

Firstly, ALL the surfaces we use is the indestructible “e3 Porcelain Enamel” with an amazing 25 Year Guarantee! This surface has always been considered the very “Top” of Whiteboard Surfaces and this is also why we can offer such an Amazing Guarantee. This is also the same surface we use for our Whiteboards and Rail System Products. It is Highly Magnetic, Scratch Proof and Virtually Indestructible!

As with everything we do, it is important to us that we make things as Sustainable and Environmentally Forgiving as possible, which is why this Products Surface is 99% Recyclable and carries the “Cradle to Cradle” Certification.

There are TWO finishes available. Firstly, we provide a “Framed Version” which has an Elegant White Trim all the way around the Wall. This gives a more traditional “Whiteboard” finish. It can go to ANY width and with the “1mm Join” it provides an excellent finish to any meeting or collaboration space.

– The Total Depth of this wall is only 20mm!

NOTE: The Trim for these Framed Walls can be Powder Coated to Any Colour if required.

Our second finish is a “Frameless” version, which is a big favourite with all our Customers and Architects alike. It offers a “Floating” finish and with its “Hidden Brackets” gives the most modern and fresh look for any environment. This version is slightly more expensive than the Framed version, but offers the cleanest possible finish to any space.

– Total depth of this product is only 16mm!


Code 15001 (then size)

Code 16001 (then size)


  • ONLY "1mm Prime AV Micro-Seam"
  • Porcelain Enamel e3 Surface
  • Highly Magnetic
  • Professionally Installed
  • ISO Certification
  • 25 Year Surface Guarantee
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified


  • Framed (White or Silver)
  • Frameless Also Available
  • 5 Metres as a Single Piece
  • No Overall Size Limit
  • Fully Maintained
  • European Wide Installation
  • Full Accessories