video walls

This really is one of the favourite areas of our business as there are so many possibilities and options.

In the “Old” days, you had to use a Rear Projection Cube Solution which were very deep and cumbersome, They also had a terrible “Viewing Angle”, as you had to stand directly in front of them to see anything!

Times really have changed and the product mix now available is first class. All Products have “Full HD” as standard so you are guaranteed the best possible images every time. 4K can also now be easily achieved for even greater clarity.

The most popular product used for these walls are “Thin Bezel” LED Screens with an amazing 3.5mm TOTAL Mullion (frame) between the screens. The Video Processors that now run these systems are very reliable, flexible and easy to use. Combine all of these with a sleek and stylish “Touch Screen Control System” then they really couldn’t be easier to own and operate.

We are pleased to provide the biggest names in the market, and will be more than happy to discuss any particular requirement you might have.

Below are some “Size” examples based on using 46inch Thin Bezel Displays:


  • Full Installation Available
  • 3.5mm Mullion (Total Frame)
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Unlimited Design Options
  • Wall Mounted or Freestanding
  • Easy Access Mounts
  • Future Proofed


  • Multiple Sizes
  • Fully Integrated Control
  • 24/7 - High Brightness
  • Portrait OR Landscape
  • Digital Signage Anti-Glare
  • Control Rooms
  • Maintenance