video conferencing

Video Conferencing is a vital tool in modern business, enabling organisations to compete in an increasingly Global Market Place, whilst delivering long term savings on travel expenditure.

With increasing pressure on businesses to reduce their C02 emissions, and to maintain a healthy “Carbon Footprint”, many people are looking to minimise unnecessary travel whilst enabling vital “Face-to-Face” contact.

Whatever your requirements are, Prime AV can provide all the latest technology. Whether it’s contacting Multiple Sites at once, sharing valuable data and even including desktop or field based staff, we can help.

To the right of this page, there are some options that can show you how your business can interact with Suppliers & Customers without leaving the comfort of your offices.

Just a selection of the solutions we can provide are:

  • Desktop “One on One” VC Solutions
  • Desktop “One to Many” VC Solutions
  • Open Plan Video Conferencing
  • Meeting Room Video Conferencing
  • Boardroom Video Conferencing Solutions
  • VC Bridging Solutions
  • Managed Services
  • Large Scale Telepresence

If you require a low cost “Internet” based solution we can also provide this for you. Whether it’s a “Stand Alone” system based at your desk, or a “Fully Integrated” Video Conferencing Suite in your Meeting or Boardrooms, we have a solutions for them all.


  • Integrated Control
  • Immersive Telepresence
  • Bespoke GUI’s
  • Simple Desktop Solutions
  • Very Simple to Use
  • Incredibly Robust
  • Fully Encrypted


  • Single OR Twin Screen
  • Rear Projection Solutions
  • Internet, ISDN or IP Based
  • Full Bridging Services
  • Multiple Rooms & Sites
  • DSP Services
  • Maintenance