Projection solutions

When a room or space becomes too large for standard LED style screens, then a Projection Solution is generally considered. As opposed to a Video Wall solution, Projection Solutions are often a very cost effective way to produce a very large image that everyone can see.

There are a number of factors that need considering before going down the Projector route as the options are many as there are a number of different styles of Projection Solution.

Standard Ceiling Mounted:

This is where the Projector is installed on the ceiling (pole is usually attached to the concrete slab through the ceiling tiles) and this shines directly onto a Front Projection Screen or even white wall. This is the most common form of Projection Solution and a very wide variety of models are available.

Rear Projection:

This is the most elegant form of Projection Solution as all of the workings of the system are hidden away behind a bespoke wall. Within the wall is housed a Specialist Screen, that enables a perfect image to be shown from behind. This solution is generally used more for Boardroom and for Video Conferencing, as it is the cleanest and neatest solution. We can also provide the Bespoke Wall for total integration.

Things to Consider:

  • How bright is the room? This determines how bright the Projector needs to be
  • What do I want to show on it? This determines the “Resolution” of the Projector and whether its specifically for Computer or for Video use
  • Do I need a Wireless Solution? Used for Solid Ceilings or for Listed Buildings where Cables can’t be run.
  • Where does the screen go?
  • How do I control the Projector? Please see our “Programming Page” for more information on Control
  • Throw Distance of the Projector to the Screen? Do I need a bespoke Lens if its too far away
  • On Going Lamp Costs? Laser/LED Projectors have a much Lower Total Cost of Ownership as they don’t require replacement lamps as often

Please Call our Dedicated Team and we can walk you through the right solution for you!


  • DLP or LCD
  • Colour Matched Brackets
  • Full Design Advice
  • Wired or Wireless
  • Minimum 12 Month warranty
  • Any Venue Catered For
  • Bespoke Remote Control


  • Front Projection
  • Rear Projection
  • In Ceiling Lift
  • Touch Screen Controlled
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Laser or LED
  • Ultra Bright