project management

Without a doubt, a good PM is worth their weight in Gold as they are the main link between “You and Us”. They are the main point of contact between us and more importantly, they need the experience and expertise to make important decisions on the “Fly”. These decisions ensure your Project keeps moving in the right direction.

They will be heavily involved in the Project Meetings and be there to assist with any information as the build Progresses. Not all Projects actually need an “On Site” PM, so we also have the expertise on the end of the phone should you need a little guidance or advice on your design or build.

Generally, we will appoint a PM to your project if it meets the following criteria:

  • Building Contractors are involved
  • Multiple Rooms are required
  • The “Design” element is still in progress and advice is required from us
  • The Install is to be achieved in “Stages” over an extended period of time
  • Site meetings are required
  • You specifically request one

All our Project Management Services are fully included in any price we give you, so there will NOT be any hidden charges or surprises to pop up as the build progresses.

Our PM’s are there to keep the Project running smoothly and will never attempt to “Paper over the Cracks”. Sometimes the ability to say “No” is just as important as the ability to say “Yes”, so our staff will always be honest and up front at all times.


  • Mandatory CSCS Cards
  • Clean & Friendly Staff
  • Boardroom Level Experience
  • Designs & Flowcharts
  • Full PPE
  • In House SSSTS Card
  • Weekly Reports


  • European Wide
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Weekend Work
  • Full Time Site Attendance
  • Design Advice
  • Client Presentations
  • Customer Walk-arounds