There are many different levels of Programming Services that we can provide.

We have “Entry Level” wall mounted push button panels that require a basic level of expertise from us and can be completed in just minutes, through to complex “Multi Room” Crestron Controlled solutions integrated into your network.

The most important thing is that we will always use the right type of Control System to make your solution the best it can be for the budget you have.

We are very lucky in AV to have so many options available and our systems can comprise the following:

  • Entry Level Wall Mounted Push Button Solutions
  • Table Mounted Push Button Solutions
  • Table Mounted Touch-Screen Systems
  • Wall Mounted Touch-Screen Systems
  • Wireless Touch-Screen Panels – 6/8/12/15/18 Inch Versions
  • Apple & Android Controlled Solutions
  • Desktop Based Solutions so your IT Manager can have control of rooms worldwide

So from Small Meeting Rooms through to complex Multi-Room Solutions, we have the expertise to put the right product in the palm of your hands.


  • Gold Level Certification
  • Fast & Friendly Staff
  • Bespoke GUI’s
  • Multiple Brands
  • Multiple Finishes
  • Remote Access
  • Elegant Designs


  • Touch Panels
  • Wired or Wireless
  • Push Button Controls
  • Re-Programming Existing
  • Weekend Working
  • Integrated Cabling
  • Wifi Options