Meeting Rooms

The most common rooms for us all! Meeting rooms come in all shapes and sizes, from the small designer style rooms to large more traditional rooms but the concept is always the same…..”How can I get my message across effectively?”

In general terms, these are the rooms ranging for 4-12 people in size, and therefore are the most common solution we provide. The most popular outcome is the use of sleek and stylish Commercial LED Screens.

These range from 40-65 inch LED Screens, for rooms of between 8-12 seats. For larger rooms, screens above 65 inches are also available and some of these are listed below.

Cable Management is extremely important for these rooms and is often overlooked, to regret later. We have a number of options available from “Integrated into Table” solutions, to “Elegant Input Wall Plates”. It’s always best to think of these things before the install actually takes place, so we can work with you to plan for the best fit for your rooms.

To give you an indication of the size of these High Definition Screens, we have created this helpful chart below so you can begin to think about which solution suits you best.

LED Flat Screen Size Chart:

Screen Size Width Height Depth Weight
HD – 1920*1080
4K – 3840*2160
40 inch 885 mm 498 mm 29 mm 10.5 HD
48 inch 1075 mm 619 mm 49 mm 13.5 HD
55 inch 1246 mm 718 mm 29 mm 17.1 HD
65 inch 1480 mm 855 mm 32 mm 25.1 HD or 4K
75 inch 1678 mm 958 mm 49 mm 44.1 HD or 4K
85 inch 1903 mm 1090 mm 49 mm 55.1 HD or 4K
95 inch 2127 mm 1210 mm 46 mm 66.3 HD or 4K


  • Integrated Control
  • Attention to Detail
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Unlimited Design Options
  • Wall Mounted or Freestanding
  • Skype or Lync Compatibility
  • Robust & Easy to Use


  • LED Flat Screens 40-152 inch!
  • Projection Solutions
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Full Control Systems
  • Integrated Audio Solutions
  • Maintenance