Live Streaming

We will Supply and Install a Full Commercial Grade HD or 4K Camera in your desired room and connect this to a simple “Recording” and “Streaming” Encoder. This Encoder will allow you to record your Wedding, Civil Ceremony, Training Seminar or your Ceremony in your House of Worship LIVE to the World! It will also allow you to easily record this with the simple touch of a button!

Also included will be a microphone and sound system and all installation and training….its as easy as that!


So how does it work?
Once you have made contact, one of our Technical Designers will come out to see you “Obligation Free” to discuss the best option for you. Once this is agreed our Expert Installation team will come and install all the necessary equipment.

We only use the highest quality Professional Products, so there is NO compromise on its Quality, Performance and Reliability.

How long will the installation take?
Most Installations are completed within 2 days. When the installation is complete you will receive Full Training and your ready to Stream and Record! It really is as easy as that. You can now start to market your facility as having “Live Streaming” and a “Full Recording Facility”. This will absolutely add value to your business and bring in very important revenue from Day One.

How long before I get a Return On Investment?
If you were to charge £250 for a Full Recording Solution to your clients and you have 3 Events a month, this solution would pay for itself in JUST 10 MONTHS! Add a Streaming Solution to this and you could re-coup your costs in LESS THAN 6 MONTHS! Im sure you’d agree, that’s an incredible Return On Investment, whilst providing an excellent service to your customers. Most of your clients would want to have their Recording via a USB Memory Stick (or SD Card) and this can also be chargeable. Recording is as easy as inserting the USB Memory Stick or SD Card and selecting record.

Do I need to be a Technical expert?
Absolutely not! We will set up the Streaming and Recording Settings as part of our installation. These settings will match up with your Internet Bandwidth speeds to make sure you are running on the optimum speed. From then on, all you need to do is make sure everything is turned on and the system will do the rest!

All HD Streaming Services are provided by one of our Partners. These are either You Tube Live (free service) or Facebook Live (subscription service) or you can embedd this “Stream” into your own Website if you have the Technical Capability as it is a “Standard H.264” Video Feed.

Whats Included:

  • Commercial Quality HD or 4K Camera
  • Pair of High Quality Speakers
  • Commercial Grade Streaming/Recording Encoder
  • Mic & Line Level Mixer
  • One Touch Recording (USB Stick or SD Card)
  • Commercial Amplifier
  • Wireless Lapel Microphone
  • Equipment Cabinet
  • Camera Mount (Ceiling or Wall)
  • Installation, Cabling & Full Training
All of this from just £7,450 + vat



  • Full HD Camera (1920*1080)
  • Stream & Recording Functions
  • High Quality Speakers
  • Commercial Amplifier
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Equipment Rack
  • Professionally Installed


  • 4K Camera (3840*2160)
  • Additional Cameras
  • Full iPad Control
  • Live HD-SDI Switcher
  • Commercial Grade Camera Controller
  • On Site Assistance
  • Stream to Facebook Live