digital signage

Prime AV offers a complete range of Digital Signage Solutions – from just a few Screens around your site, to the design and installation of entire Digital Signage networks utilising dozens or even hundreds of Displays.

There are many options available for Digital Signage that can “Stream” your message “Locally” OR “Around the World” to your other sites you may have, so EVERYONE in your Organisation will be seeing exactly the same message.

Thousands of Retailers, Businesses, Public Venues, Government and Education Users are embracing the Dynamic Power of Digital Signage to drive their message home.

Most companies use Digital Signage to display the following types of information:

  • General TV Broadcasts (BBC/Sky News etc.)
  • Health & Safety Information
  • Stock-Market Information
  • Welcome Messages for Important Visitors attending site
  • Traffic Information to highlight issues for staff on their way home
  • Streaming Video (an important Live Speech by your CEO)

We can provide complete solutions that even schedule certain things to automatically be displayed at certain times of the day. As an example, at 5pm, the screens will automatically show “Traffic Issues” near your site so your staff can avoid any delays on their way home.

As an IT Manager, you can sit at the comfort of your own desk to manage these “Broadcasts” and even show different things in different areas of the company or site. The system can be designed to meet your specific requirements with expansion as easy as installing another screen!


  • Integrated Control
  • Robust & Easy to Use
  • Entire Building Connectivity
  • Tickertape as Standard
  • Controlled Remotely
  • Completely Scalable
  • Multiple Resolutions


  • 1 or 1000 Screens
  • Integrated or Standalone
  • HD or 4K
  • Fully Managed
  • Local or Worldwide
  • IP or Point to Point
  • Maintenance