Av pods

If your Budget doesn’t allow for traditional Meeting Room construction, then Pods with Integrated AV
may be the answer. They can save as much as 90% of the construction cost for a traditional Meeting Room. They require NO Planning Permission and are a perfect “Free Standing” structure for a listed building.

AV Meeting Pods are a great way to create effective private meeting spaces. They are mobile, cost effective and can be set up anywhere within the open office, to create a quiet area. AV Meeting Pods are also sound absorbing to various levels, depending on your requirements.

We supply AV Meeting Pod Models that are sure to meet all your office requirements.

Our experienced team will work with you to define your exact needs and then specify the correct solution to enhance your office space. For those who can’t build or afford a traditional space, our AV Pods are definitely the answer. Available in almost any size and colour, we can build and install all the necessary AV Solutions in just days. In regards to furniture, the possibilities are endless. From standard style seating and meeting tables ,to casual and funky lounges.

Some Different Styles include:

  • Meeting Room Pods
  • Boardroom Pods
  • Break-Out Area Meeting Spaces
  • Casual Lounge Style


  • Acoustic Capabilities
  • Fully Installed
  • Workmanship Guaranteed
  • NO Planning Permission
  • Free Standing
  • Installed in ONE Day
  • With or Without a Floor


  • European Wide
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Various Fabrics
  • Integrated Screens
  • In Built Audio
  • Smart Screens Available
  • Easy Relocation