av design

Whether it’s a single LED Screen on a wall, or an entire building of AV equipment, there is always a Design Element to our Projects.

We are a “Customer Focussed” company so you will always get exactly what you want, we just help you find the path. One key part of our business is our ability to speak “Plain English” as there is nothing worse than to be bombarded with technical terms that have no relevance in these conversations.

Our Many Years of AV Experience allows us to put the right products into the right situation and because we have no allegiance to a particular brand, we are able to design the solution that’s best for you, not our suppliers!

The different elements of this service include:

  • Pre Contract Basic Specification Design
  • Tender Creation and Responses Review
  • Architectural pre proposal design and specification
  • Pre and Post Contract Pricing
  • Customer pre and post contract meetings
  • Schematic Design
  • General AV Advice and it’s integration with the Construction Industry

Whether you are the client or the Design & Build Company, the Architect or the Builder, we can operate “Hand in Hand” with you to give you that invaluable advice to achieve the best possible finish to your very important space.


  • Quick Response
  • Simple to Complex
  • Consultancy
  • Quote Generation
  • Cad Design
  • Fast & Friendly Service
  • Multiple Rooms


  • Site Meetings
  • Design Generation
  • Client Mentoring
  • Cost Saving Analysis
  • Expert Recommendations
  • Graphic Representations
  • Local or Europe Wide