Audio conferencing

“Voice” is one of the most critical elements of Group Communication. Excellent quality is essential for both “Audio Only Calls” and of course “VC Integration”, ensuring that everyone can hear – AND be heard.

To improve productivity within a meeting space, only the best will do and Audio is often the “forgotten cousin” to the visual element of the room. We have found over the years that it’s the Audio Element to the AV Solution that causes the issue, so we pay particular attention to this area.

Install “Bad” Audio and you will have a “Bad” experience” – guaranteed!

We only use market leading brands to ensure you will never be let down just when you need it most, and like always the possibilities are almost endless.

Applications that require the very best Audio Solution are highlighted below:

  • Internet Based Audio Conferencing (via USB)
  • Small Meeting Room Audio Conferencing by Star Phone (Analogue or IP based)
  • Medium Room Solutions with either Table or Ceiling Based Microphones
  • Large Room with Integrated Microphones within the Table
  • Auditorium Ceiling and Wall Microphone Solutions
  • Push to Talk Delegation Systems
  • Induction Loops
  • Wireless Solutions

The majority of these solutions will require Crestron Control, which will make the use of these solutions easily and seamlessly. We can provide the Complete Solution for you, including the furniture and acoustic softening to ensure that your requirements and high expectations are met.


  • Crystal Clear Digital
  • VC Integration
  • Integrated Control
  • Encryption Available
  • GSM Shielded
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Leading Manufacturers


  • Desktop to Boardroom
  • Internet, ISDN or IP Based
  • Managed Services
  • Integrated Control
  • Multiple Rooms
  • Desktop OR Ceiling
  • Push to Talk